Hey! I'm Katie ...

First of all, welcome to my site! So here's where I tell you a little bit about myself...

I am an English Literature and Philosophy graduate working in digital marketing! I went to Cardiff University but grew up and currently live on the outskirts of London. As you may have guessed from my degree choice, I love Shakespeare (I know very stereotypical!). In fact, despite its bad reputation, Romeo and Juliet is my favourite play - obviously I'm a sucker for a tragic romance! On the Philosophy side of things, I'm always up for a friendly debate on ethics and morality! 

Aside from University, I love to travel (especially to places warmer than good old England!), I love taking photos of the places I go and you can find some of my work on my photography page! I also love beauty, books, and pretty much anything that contains sugar (I'll never say no to a slice of cake or a bar of chocolate)!

I also suffer from a rare illness called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome (if I ever refer to CVS I mean this and not the store) that I was diagnosed with at 17. I've spoken about my journey with this online before and have had many people reach out to m sharing their own experiences too.

This site is somewhere I can share my photography of the places I've been and write about topics I'm interested in and passionate about. This is my little space on the internet where I can practise my marketing skills as well as let off some creative steam.

I really hope you enjoy exploring my site!



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